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"emerge" eZ components

Sebastian announced that eZ components are now available in Gentoo's portage system. This adds one more posibility for you to install the components. So, we now have 3 methods in place (if you are a lucky Gentoo user), of which the new one is the most comfortable:

1. Portage:

Simply type $ emerge ezc-eZComponents as root and you will get everything you need (including PHP 5, if not setup, yet).

2. PEAR (also feasible for other systems):

Simply type $ pear install components.ez.no/eZComponents-beta (presumed, that you have PHP 5 in place and PEAR 1.4.x installed).

3. Download ZIP or TAR (also feasible for other systems):

We provide a ZIP and and a TAR.BZ2 archive for direct download, containing the components.

Thanks to Sebastian and happy installing to all others! :)

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