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A joyride to eZ Components beta2

About a month ago it's been the time, where we were about to release the first beta version of the eZ components, the new - new BSD licensed - enterprise open source library. A bit under stress (as usual, who doesn't know) we brought out beta 1, missing some refactoring and unification work, testing and documentation improvements.

Now it's finally done and after a lot of work during the past 4 weeks, we are ready to release the 2nd beta version. A nice christmas present I would say. :)


The feedback on beta 1 was quite positive, at least what I experienced. By I'm sure it will be really good, now. The API of the components has been highly unified, the naming scheme and usage of specific features is smooth and using the classes starts really making fun. I also have to admit, that I never saw a better documented PHP project so far (I could not discover any undocumented element so far).

A deeper impression on what has changed from beta 1 to 2, can be found in the extended version of this entry and in the changelog of beta 2.

To try out the new version of our entrprise component library, simply do $ pear install -a components.ez.no/eZComponents-beta if you haven't installed an earlier version, yet, or $ pear upgrade ezc/eZComponents-beta if you already have beta 1 installed on your system.

For those of you who do not use the PEAR Installer to manage their eZ components installation, an explicit download package is available here.

I would be glad to receive some feedback on our work, so tell me, what do you geeks out there say?

We decided to publish the extended entry of this blog directly on ez.no. Please leave any feedback here as a comment, as a comment to the article itself or on the eZ components forum!

If you liked this blog post or learned something, please consider using flattr to contribute back: .



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