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Geeky, stylish and... ultra slim!

This morning I finally realized my plan, which I had in mind since I saw the announcement of it. I bought an iPod Nano. It's the first MP3 player I ever own and by now I'm really sure, it is worth it's price. After taking a reallife look at the Nano last week in San Francisco and digging into lots of testimonials and reviews last night I could not resist any longer. One quote from a review had burned into my mind, which sounded (not exactly) like "When I first saw the iPod Nano, I felt that this must be the ultimate iPod of the iPods...".


I fully identify myself with that sentence, but the quote was a bit longer and ended up like "... now that I own one for more than 2 weeks, I'm sure it is the ultimate iPod of the iPods." and I'm quiet sure by now, that I will feel the same. It's features are so amazing (a full featured iPod, including Apples fantastic scroll wheel, a sleep timer, the iTunes rating system and so much more) packed into a size, that you can even search for it in the pocket of your jeans. Absolutly amazing. :)

Now it's time to clean up some rumors, which I have been told by Apple store employees:

  1. No, you have to use iTunes to connect to your iPod.

Simply not true: There is a great tool called GTKPod that works on Windoze and Linux really smooth (though I only tried Linux).

  1. No, you cannot mount the iPod as a usual USB mass storage device.

Same here: The iPod internally is a simple flash media that you can simply mount. Ok, to store music on it you have to create it's internal iTunes DB, but it's definitly possible to use it just like a USB stick. GTKPod does not do anything else.

So long, my recommendation to everyone playing with the thought to buy one: The Nano really seems to be worth it's price. Cheers!

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