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SF roundup

On Monday I arrived back in Germany from the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo. Other people already posted detailed round ups 1 2 3 on this great event, so from my side only few words on the actual event: It was damn cool! :) The conference itself was a very well working mixture of business and geek talks, the sessions were chosen really good. As usual I met a whole lot of old friends (like Markus Börger, John Coggeshall, Christian Wenz and even Sterling Hughes) and made another lot of new ones. The location was really nice and the events they organized were real fun. So, all in all: My appreciation to Zend for this great event!

Update Oct. 30: I recently added 2 movies Gregor made during our heli trip to my gallery. Really cool! :)

But now, let's come to the more unofficial part: On Friday, after the last keynote, Gregor Streng (from Mayflower) and me moved to a hotel downtown San Francisco, directly at the Union Square, to have 3 more days of enjoying San Francisco itself (since the Conference took place in a town near SFO airport: Burlingame). We had 3 fantastic days in "the City" and did lot's of sight seeing, like flying over SF with a helicopter, touring to Sausalito with a bike, going out for party with Sterling, and much more. Just to make you curious, here just a few of the amazing pictures we took:

image_1 [4] image_2 image_3 image_4

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All in all it was an amazing trip and I love San Francisco, it's flair, the people and the whole city. I will definitly come back one day... Hopefully this is next year for another Zend/PHP Conference and Expo. Thanks so much for bringing me there!!! :)

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