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Zend/PHP conference and expo

Yesterday I arrived here in San Francisco, together with Gregor Streng from Mayflower, for the Zend/PHP conference and expo. The flight was a bit hard (12 hrs sitting is not what you really want to do) and the jetlag caught me yesterday afternoon during dinner, but overall I'm really happy to be here. :) I already saw parts of Frisco when driving to dinner and the Californian environment ist really nice (although the weather is quiet cloudy). As usual there are lots of wellknown people here and I expect to have lots of fun with all those collegues and friends form the community. Since I missed to by an AC adapter (I was sure to be able to rent one here) I'm currently out of power most time, but I hope to fix that soon, so that I can upload some photos and write some more on the conference.

For those of you who can not attend the Conference here in the US (all you European and mainly German geeks), I can only recommend joining the International PHP Conference in Frankfurt this November (6th to 9th). It's one of the oldest and most established community events and you get the chance to meet all those PHP gurus, who push PHP forward every day, in person. Beside that, you can join my phantastic workshop on how to distribute your applications through the new PEAR Installer version 1.4 and your own PEAR channel server.

So long, have a good time!

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