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Welcome to pearadise.net

I think the time is right to publish the new project I recently worked on. Please welcome pearadise.net - The PEAR channel portal. pearadise.net enables you to register your PEAR 1.4 compliant channel server and have it's data aggregated in a unique web interface. By now the pearadise.net portal provides access to the PEAR channel itself and Greg Beavers test channel (where he also provides the channel server).

The current status of pearadise.net is beta, since there are still lots of features and improvements missing, but it should be quite usable by now. An important precondition of having your channel aggregated on pearadise.net is, that you run at least version 0.18.0 of Greg's channel server (since pearadise.net uses the REST iterface).

I'll put some more work into this during the next weeks and will also publish the sources under an open source license, as soon as I fixed some documetation... :) Hopefully I get some more real world testing examples until then!

In this place thanks to Kore who made the initial web design (I'm worst in graphix work). The design is not the most beautiful ever seen, but really nice for non-professional work. Nevertheless, if someone has improvements on that, please email me! :) And thanks to all the others who supported me.

So far, hope you like it! Cheers!

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