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So called "News on PHP6"

I personallly do not concider it wise to spread out the issues currently discussed on the PHP internal development list to the public as some (mostly not really in PHP's development itself envolved people - as I am one, too) did in the past days. What currently happens is a brainstorming on what eventually could be possible for PHP version (maybe) 6. Sadly some websites have published that information, what partly got taken over by reliable news pages. While I do agree more or less completly with the points raised by Rasmus, I concider it harmful to bring those discussions to the wide public, which might spread FUD to actual PHP users.


Maybe some of you interpreted me wrong, maybe I used to harsh words in here. I'm not against opening information on something. It's just that on the internals list there is currently a very controverse and early stadium of discussion and I don't think the time is right to make public what's been said so far. I don't want users to get afraid of any changes (like case-sensitivity, e.g.) which actually are just an internal discussion basis by now.

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