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Open Source Spam?

Chregu and me recently seemed to have received or first "open source spam" (never knew, such existed...) at Planet-PHP. The following email landed in our mailbox (names obfuscated):

Foo is a community of the lovers of the php and that they develop a project called Foo Framework.

Bar (Foo Framework) is born with the idea to use the browser as environment where to be able to perform the applications stand-alone and for the web.

The language of programming used for the project is the PHP, and Foo includes a complete collection of classes, organized in levels and families (packages), that allows to plan and to implement a software making wide use of the OOP.

Besides, Foo is the first environment of development that makes available an interface graphics, easy to use, to quickly build using the browser an application or simply a site.

The framework and the whole visual environment of development is under license GPL, therefore completely free.

Our framework is your framework therefore we invite you to spread it, to use it, to widen it and to signal every possible malfunction to us, to the purpose to improve and to share with the whole community what is done.

Funnily it had an example of the usage of this "framework" attached... As a PNG! ;)


Seems to be really useful, isn't it? ;)

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