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Vote for PEAR::Image_3D!

I'd like to beg every PEAR developer to vote on Image_3D, the new 3D rendering package for PEAR. Since the first proposal Kore Nordmann (the lead maintainer) highly refactored Image_3D and added some fantastic new features like:

image_1 SVG output using gauround (converted to PNG)

  • Driver based rendering:

    • The rendering machanism was outsourced to a driver architecture, which by now supports 2 different drivers: Standard and Isometric.

    • Driver based output:

    • The drawing of the image itself is now driver based, too, and supports rendering to GD images (PNG, GIF, JPEG,...) and to SVG graphics.

    • Selectable shading:

    • 3 different types of shading are featured currently: No shading, flat shading and gauround shading.

Some links on this fantastic package:

Hope to see you all vote +1! :)

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