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A clash of asociality

Open sources are great things, annoying things too. For example, take the PEAR project. There is a huge croud of developers in the project (more than 800 registered users on PEARWeb, more than 200 maintainers), which every day try to improve the project, try to work together and try to learn from what they code and from the code they read. They feel the spirit of open source, they invest much time and train their hard skills in coding and their soft skills in the cooperation with a team.

But every now and then it happens that there is a black sheep under those fine 800, someone who even doesn't seem to know, what "soft skills" means. Surely, it happens not often, but some there are. Those re-appear now and then, vituperate as much as they can, hastily commiting some code ("fixing up other peoples crap"), which does not even work or better to say, hasn't even seen a syntax check. Finally those people bring project internal problems to the public perverting the facts as much as possible for their own advantage. But thankfully, those people tend to disappear again as fast as they have appeared before...

Hope that's soon, cheers!

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