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Reading recommendation

Zak Greant (collegue here at eZ and well known in the community) just sent me a great collection of book recommendations related to open source, management and marketing, which I'd like to share here:

  • The Cluetrain Manifesto (online here)

    • A great set of essays and rants on dealing with highly networked markets

    • The Practical Manager's Guide to Open Source

    • A practical introduction to the benefits and background of Open Source

    • Focuses on tangible financial and platform benefits


    • Jacob Nielsen's columns on Web Usability

    • In particular, his columns on writing for the web:

    • The Elements of Style (online here)

    • The classic guide to writing concise and effective English.

    • Crossing the Chasm

    • An analysis of how to successfully bring technology products to market

    • Rules for Revolutionaries

    • A neat guide for innovators. Written by former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki

    • The Innovator's Dilemma (excerpt here)

    • An analysis of how to correctly correlate product features to market needs.

    • The Tipping Point (A summary of the book can be found here)

    • An analysis of how trends start and spread

    • The Customer Evangelism Manifesto (attached)

    • Notes on how to create user evangelists

    • It's the Story Stupid (Online here)

    • Doc Searls' guide to giving good presentations

Thanks, Zak! :)

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