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Linuxtag roundup -2-

This is a sequel to my series "Linuxtag roundup".

On Thursday a hard day started extremely early in respect to the time we got to bed, finally. Aaron stayed until high noon, so I had some time to fix everything necessary for my talk and to take the first part of my LPI level 1 certification. Sure, I had expected to have problems with the beamers in cooperation with my notebook (as I had in Amsterdam), but I was still hoping that with (remember, I switched to Gentoo a few weeks ago) everything would have turned to be fine... This was not the case. So in my last last-ditch attempt I went to the booth and asked for support. As already mentioned in my blog, Matthias Hopf fixed all of my problems within minutes. I still plan to provide more detailed information here, when I find time.


After holding my talk on "News from PEAR" the official LAMP day ended with a very unusual talk by Rasmus, Monty and Zak, where Zak moderated a Q&A session with those 2 famous fathers of great open source applications. At this point: Thanks to you both and the fantastic community behind you for all the great work! We finished the day with an amazing birthday party for PHP and MySQL, in form of a booth party at the LAMP area, with free beer, cool music and 2 large birthday cakes.

During that party a very interesting guy told me about his plans to port parts of the Maven framework to PHP, which gave me some cool ideas for the PEAR QA team. But more on that later on this weblog...

As usual the day ended with lots of beer and interesting geek ranting, but I currently do not really remember the topics... If anyone remembers some interesting detail, please comment on this blog entry! :) I'd like to thank Jan Schneider (Horde) for the great photos of Linuxtag. I stole his photo of the birthday cake for this article.

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