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Linuxtag roundup -1-

This article shall become a series on Linuxtag 2005. I'll try to sum up the most interesting parts of it and possible I miss out important facts. But please forgive me, but the flood of information was in some cases to much. Sorry for that, if you feel missing in the list of interesting contacts/projects/ideas/..., please leave a comment at one of the blog entries!

On Saturday at about 9pm. I arrived in Duisburg, being back from Karlsruhe, where the Linxtag 2005 took play, the largest Linux event in Europe (or even the word...?). As last year, it's been an amazing event, with lot's of interesting, geeky stuff, but also a large portion of party. All in all it's been stress, but real fun. Those who did not attend because of the heat (or the great weather in general), listen: YOU REALLY MISSED SOMETHING! :)

First of all in my Linuxtag round up, I want to send some big "thank you!!!" to all who made it possible and especially to those who made it possible for us (the PEAR project and me). So, thanks a lot for the Linuxtag coordinators and especially Georg Richter (who was responsible for the LAMP Area and the LAMP Day. You were as usual doing great work (ok, see: it's an open source conference ;) ). The next big thank goes to the companies who sponsored our booths and and covered the nights for us as there are: 100 days, domain ) factory, itsystems, MySQL, papaya Software, thinkPHP. Those were it who allowed Apache + Apache Friends, Horde + PEAR, phpMyAdmin and some more open source project related to LAMP to have our booths there! Last I big thank to Jolt Cola, which helped me to manage all the party and the guy's from who've offered me amazing support for an amazing open source application! :)


So, let's start officially with my report. I arrived at Linuxtag 2:30pm. and my first impression after having registered at the speakers office. I went through the fair hall and my first look was caught by a book with some pears on it at the Galileo Computing booth. At a first glance, the PEAR book they are offering (written my Carsten Möhrke) looks all in all good for getting started with using the project. Although the introductional part is a bit short in my eyes and it's still dealing with PEAR 1.3 (of course, the time was not that right for publishing the book), it's giving a round up of the project and can help you quite well to get started. Beside the basic use the book introduces a huge variety of packages which is in many parts an excellent completion of our documentation. Until now the book is only available in German language. I talked to the lady at the booth and asked for the possibility to publish the book in a few month as an “open book�, which is available for free on the web, to link that from our docs. Hopefully they will do so (this reminds me to get in touch with the author) and will although provide an English version of it.

During the LAMP area dinner this night in Bad Herrenalb Rassmus thanked the community in Germany for it's support with PHP. A beer rubbish discussion on GPL with Aaron, Eric and some other guys brought up some interesting questions we were not able to answer (maybe someone can help out?): “**Does a PHP application which is using MySQL to be GPL licensed?**� and “**If it would be possible to automatic double license all PEAR packages under their current license and the GPL to empower GPL based projects to use them legally?**�.

And after the obligatory Sauna session I got to bed at 3:30am.

To be continued...

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