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Useless, but really damn cool....

By moving to Dortmund and joining the local PHP user group here, I got to know Kore Nordmann, who is also working for eZ systems right now. He is a really cool geek and we're getting along amazingly good, regarding work, open source and private stuff.

Kore has developed some (sometimes useless but) really cool tools in PHP, which I would like to promote a little bit to the public:








Rotating spheres

High detail sphere

The 3d-lib he developed is one off the most useless pieces of PHP code I've ever seen.... *g``*`` but beside that one of the coolest! ;) Didn't you ever want to render 3D graphics with PHP's bundled GD lib? Kore has build a nice class structure which allows that. He currently renders nice objects like cubes, spheres, areas and much more. Beside that, he wrote an 3ds importer to render even those with his library and has recently added animated GIF support, to generate simple 3D animations. As I said, I really don't think PHP is the right tool to render 3D stuff, but it's geeky. Maybe even anyone out there might use that in future (thinking of rendering 3D graphs).

I started to help Kore a bit working on that stuff and we are currently trying to make his code PEAR compatible to propose that to PEAR as Image_3D. I think it'd be a good addition for PEAR, although until now nobody would use that in production. Because of the modular design he implemented until know, we will propably move the rendering to be driver based, so we can then render SVG or even flash from it (imagine to render a moving 3D chart of your database data using PHP, that should then be coordinated with the Image_Graph package).

k.Bot 3.0

k.Bot is an IRC bot written in PHP. It's architecture and design are really cool, since it can perform multiple actions in paralell and has a cool module API. There are already some cool modules available like searching Google, looking up PHP syntax, getting the actual weather forecast and much more. Even some 3rd party modules exist.

I would pretty much like to bring Mirco Bauer (the maintainer of PEAR::Net_SmartIRC, the PEARgirl - our channel bot in #pear@EFNet - and much more IRC related stuff) and Kore together so that they merge their PHP bot and take the best of both worlds.


Kore is a really cool geek and we developed some really cool ideas what to implement in PHP. I really enjoy chatting and coding with him and I believe we'll hack some cool stuff together in the next time... So, stay tuned! :)

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