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Wahooo, I have Gentoo! :)

Although I could not realize my plan to install Gentoo during the weekend (because I had to recover my server from a rootkit, but that's another, much more painful, story), I managed it by now. :)


I started installing the new on monday evening and it really works like a charm... :)

Installing a Gentoo system is really simple, if you are an experienced Linux user. Only some easy to manage steps are necessary. Of course, I would not recommend (same with Debian, the prior system on my notebook and still my preferred server distro by now) Gentoo to a newbe or low intermediate user, but if you have some kind of clue on what's going on, it's really amazing. :)

I never had a cleaner and more actual system installed on my machine without downloading every single source on my own and compiling it, using the usual "./configure && make && make install" session. I love portage and emerge! And the best effort: It seems to run much faster than the installed Knoppix before (which might result a) from compiling every package exactly for my machine and even more b) from knowing exactly which packages are installed and what is going on).

The Gentoo website offers a quick start guide for the actual distro version 2005.0, as well as much more documentation.

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