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A decade of PHP

The language we all love more and more over the years turns 10. Following the example of Zak I want to thank all those brave guys and girls behind PHP. I've neither been with PHP since it's birth, nor since it's so early ours, but I've enjoyed its greatnesses (and sometimes hated its bugs) for more than a half of its life.

Update, 8th of June, 07:50

See, what other people say for PHP's 10th birthday (my own little look back on my life with PHP is in the extended entry)...

I hope that PHP stay's what it is for a long long long time: My absolute favorit in programming languages.

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributes to PHP, you all out there do a fantastic job!

A journey to history...

10 years ago ...me, sitting in my room in my parents house, playing round with web development stuff after I got my first internet connection, Perl, HTML,... 1999 ...I discover PHP (starting with version 3.0) and love (uahhh!) the idea of placing dynamic code directly into HTML... 1 years later ...PHP 4.0 is out, the integrated session management is my favorite, everbody uses register_globals, I'm working on dynamic websites for a friend's company and try myself in developing my first real web application... another year passes ...start my apprenticeship at Deutsche Bank AG's web application department, first reall "application" projects... 2001 ...doing much PHP in my freetime, first looks at open source, migrating my maschine completly to GNU/Linux... 1 more year ...attending my first PHP Conference (Frankfurt) sponsored by Deustche Bank, listening to Stig's "Teach yourself PEAR in 6 hours", starting to dig myself into open source - specifically PEAR... the year after ...doing architecture and project management stuff at Deutsche Bank Webapplications PHP department, maintaining several packages in PEAR and using PEAR heavily in projects, my first talk on a PHP Conference ("PEAR im Einsatz") on PEAR usage in companies... 2004 ...PHP5 is officially born but the PHP department at my employer is dead, switched to do sofware architecture in a huge project with Citrix stuff, PHP in my freetime only, more open source, deciding to start studying and freelance beside that... 2005 '... back in "The Pott", going to Canada for a week to teach people PEAR, start freelancing at eZ Systems, PHP turns 10...''

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