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Slides up: What's new in PEAR

This morning (at the horrible time of 8:00 a.m.) I talked about "What's new in PEAR" at the International PHP Conference Spring Edition in Amsterdam. While preparing for the talk yesterday, I more or less completly switched the topic from "PEAR and PHP5" to "News from PEAR" and the greatest amount of slides contained stuff that's new in PEAR but not necessarily related to PHP5 (although I still had some PHP5 stuff in there). The topics I covered were:

  • PEAR 1.4 (all those exciting new features, like channels, dependency handling,...).

  • PEAR_Server 1) (how it works, how to set it up and how to use it).

  • PEAR_Exception (and it's cool features like pretty-printing, nested exceptions,...).

  • Exciting new PEAR packages (like PHP_Delegator and PHP_Archive).

I hope (and guess from the feedback I received) that the crowed did not feel disturbed by the topic change of my talk and I think the slides and examples I created should provide an easy way for you to experience all those cool new stuff from PEAR.

As usual, when you are hurrying for your talk (I arrived at the RAI conference center more or less exactly in time), something goes wrong (thanks, Mr. Murphy!). So,when I tried switching my screen to the beamer (I'm quite used to not seeing anything on my notebook screen, while presenting), I realized that something with the resolution scaling went wrong and only the half of my screen was displayed. After 5 minutes of trial-and-error to fix the issue, I decided to simply abandon the full screen mode and present inside the OpenOffice window, scaled to the screen size available. In fact, this worked quite well and the (for the daytime really large group of) attendants seemed to enjoy the session despite those problems.

You can find the slides (including working examples) here. The presentation itself is subject of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

1) I still have the deep hope of getting PEAR_Server (or Chiara_PEAR_Server or whatever it's named currently) really into PEAR. It really would be a shame to not have it as a part of PEAR!

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