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PEAR merchandising

Yippieh! Just in time for the International PHP Conference 2005 Spring Edition, which will take place from Monday to Wendsday next week in Amsterdam (RAI Conference Center), the *merchandising ballpens* I ordered arrived``*``. Indeed, they are really really cool (much cooler than on this really bad photo)....


Thanks a lot to Christian Wenz & Tobias Hauser, who sponsored them to PEAR!

Some words on the conference: It'll be again a very cool event (as usual): A nice place to meet all those PHP geeks, to hear and see interessting news from the community and to have some party with friends. See below a little abstract from the Agenda, what you should not miss next week:

  • XML and Web services with PHP5 and PEAR (by Stephan Sch. and me)

  • PHP 5 - The Perfect Enterprise Integration Platform (by Zeev)

  • PHP 5 - The Year After (by Sebastian)

  • Say hello to PHP-GTK 2 (by Andrei)

  • Go OO! - Real-life patterns in PHP5 (by Stephan Sch.)

  • PEAR and PHP5 (by myself)

  • Dominating the World (by Derick)

  • Web Services in PHP 5 (by John)

  • Dynamic Duo: Combining the powers of Flash and PHP (by Christian and Tobias)

  • Lies, damn lies and statistics - Making PEAR::Image_Graph work for you (by Stefan N.)

Looking forward to seeing all of you next week again!

*PEAR-Devs: Feel invited to come to the Conference in Amsterdam and grab some ballpens for distribution!

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