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Quebec - 3rd day

Yesterday was my 3rd day here in Montreal and the first pre-conference day of the PHP Conference Quebec, where the tutorials/workshops took place. I held my PEAR workshop before noon, and indeed, it went really well. People were highly interested in the project and our packages and the conversation situation was quite good. The slides and examples are available here or in a couple of minutes from the PEARWeb support section.


In the evening we went out for dinner to a local brewery with the available speakers and organizers. Afterwards, some of the speakers (including me) went to a bar we got recommended from the organizers, named "electric ass" (freely translated). Also the name created some confusion (especially for our female guests), the place was really great. The music was pretty much my style (more or less rock and crossover), and I made a very funny experience: Imagine, you are coming from Germany, you're sitting in a bar in Canada and they start playing a song of Rammstein (which is a German rock band), which deals with the stupidity of America (mostly on the US war politics, of course)! Pretty strange, but really funny.


So far, it's been a pretty cool conference and I guess, it will stay that way. As usual I updated my photos and you can see the most recent ones here.

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