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2nd day in Quebec

Today was my second day in Quebec, more exactly in Montreal. After I woke up at about 7:00 a.m. (which is pretty late, if you take into account, that this is 2:00 p.m. at home) I started working on my slides again, because the weather seemed still not very good (better than yesterday, of course). When I finished that (around 11:00), the weather had changed drastically... It really was marvelous! I just wanted to go out to get some food and see some of the downtown, when Damien called me and told me that he needed a speakers room to store the conference equipment in and asked me if it would be ok, when I changed the room (to one having a safe). I agreed and switche... to a room on the 23rd floor... ;) You can see both differences (weather and room) below:

image_1 image_2

On my way through the downtown, while hunting for some food, I took some really amazing photos of Montreal. Canada (in some way) really differs from Germany or Europe in general (e.g. the traffic lights are not on the same side of the road, but on the obverse side). After an hour of walking and photographing I found a Creperie and took some food. On the way back I got completly lost and finally had to take a Taxi back to the Hotel. The American way of building cities is also strange for us Europeans (nearly all streets are really running parallel to each other).

This evening we got out with the speakers of tomorrows workshops. Sadly the flight from NY was canceled, which Chris and some other New Yorkers wanted to take, so they couldn't join us. But nevertheless, here is the first speaker photo:


My photos form Quebec can be found here, the photos from today start here.


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