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Canada - First impressions

As promised, I start writing a bit about my Canada trip to the PHP Quebec Conference 2005.

I arrived yesterday at abou 11:00 a.m. at the Montreal airport, after a journey of about 12 hours (I first had to go to Frankfurt by plane and then from there to Montreal, the flight to CA lasted about 8 hours). The weather here wasn't really good, mostly fog and rain, so my first impressions of this country were mostly grey in grey as you can see below, in a picture taken out of the airplane window:


After taking a little trip with Damien, who had to buy some stuff for the conference, we collected Christoph from the airport and then went to the Hotel. The hotel is pretty old, but really good. Located in a huge tower, I'm residing on the 18th floor with a pretty nice view onto Montreal, what I discovered this morning, when the weather got much better.


After having breakfast I'm now working on my slides for the PEAR workshop I'll be giving tomorrow. Sadly I did not manage to finish them prior to coming here, because I moved my home from Darmstadt to Dortmund. When I'm finished with that (about noon, I guess), I will go downtown to collect some more Canadian impressions.

You can see my first photos from CA here. More will follow soon.

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