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Enhancing firefox... -2-

Seems like I currently have an affection for continuations. After the sequel to my entry "Comfortable PHP editing with VIM" now a sequel for a much older entry follows.

I recently stumbled across this website, where a guy called "skyline" collected some really cool firefox extensions. I did not checkout all of them, but some seem really useful, so I will definitly add them to my standard repartoir of firefox extensions. This also gives me the chance to update my recent standard extensions.

To keep it complete, here a short list of what I used until now (missing those I do not use any more). The new extensions follow after that in deeper detail:

What I had new since my last entry on this topic:

  • WebDeveloper

    • A web developer toolbar, which lets you tweak a whole bunch of options for the currently displayed website. Disable or outline different classes of tags, change the CSS instantly, manipulate forms and their actions, search for common HTML errors and do much more with it!

  • FireFTP

    • A rudimentary but cool FTP client integrated into your firefox!

  • Foxylicious

    • Bookmark to del.icio.us directly from firefox (integrates into the right-click menu).

  • LiveBookmarkThis

    • Usually you can only add a feed as a live bookmark, if the parent html-page (the page which referrs to the feed) contains the specific RDF information (the little live bookmark icon appears in the bottom right corner). This extension adds a "Add Live Boomark..."-link to the right-click menu of links so you can add any feed you like.

So, what's new since today?

  • DownloadStatusBar

    • This extension adds a new toolbar to the bottom of your firefox window, which shows currently running downloads and their progress. No more switching to the download window necessary!

  • TargetAlert

    • You always bark, when a site automatically opens a new window? You hate watching the statusbar to see, what type of document you can await when clicking a link? End this with TargetAlert. This extension will display a significant icon beside special links, so you always know, if a link will open a new window, leads to a PDF, Doc or whatever or calls your email agent.

  • FlashBlock

    • Mostly pretty nice, colorful, moving, blinking and really nerving, that's what flash animations are. But sadly not all of them. Until every webmaster offers an alternative navigation you should use this extension. It deactivates Flash animations by default and shows a button to activate them.

  • GooglePreview

    • Adds a nice little thumbnail of the websites to your google search results. Really cool!

I tested all of them and they worked with Firefox 1.0 on Debian Unstable.

I really love that firefox thing and it brings more and more fun from day to day. For me the best browser ever made...

image_1 Get it!

Also dignified for taking a look: The firefox add in the German FAZ

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