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Back from the PHP Conference

Yeah, I guess I was the one with the shortest way home, today. After bringing Lukas, Marcus, Hartmut and Aaron to the airport, it took me about 15 minutes to get home (because of some after-work traffic on the highway). ;)

It was a pretty successful conference, although I attended the regular conference just today completly and the rest of the time just the inofficial part. From part of the sessions it was quite interessting today. I watched:

  • Christian on "XML on Speed - how to write fast and scalable PHP/XML code"

  • Andrey with a rant on "Writing parallel applications with PHP"

  • Marcus talking about "Functional Programming with SPL Iterators"


  • Derick with "Enterprise PHP Bananas"

Especially the last talk was pretty neat, since I always wanted to use SRM and it seems like it starts getting usable by now. This project is really worth watching it, if one would ask me. Especially now, that Derick is really using and therefore has a special interesst in the development.

Beside that "official" part of the conference the after-work part was pretty nice, as usual (and stated a lot before). Talking to the community raised a lot of interessting ideas and woke up some which were already called dead in some people's eyes.

The latter one has been the way with the PEAR Core QA Team, which has been created this year in late spring, but did not really get active lately. In Frankfurt we had 5 of 6 members available and hold some very nice discussions in a kind of "unoffical" QA meeting. A summary of what we brainstormed and discussed can be found in our temporary wiki.

Also resulting from this little meeting are some sub projects to be implemented. First of all, we want to automate checking for BC breaks on PEARWeb. This means in detail, that during upload of a new release by a maintainer the BC of his sources is checked. In praxis I'm imagening, that one could simply extract both packages and preg_match() all function prototypes out of the sources. Afterwards one compares declaration by declaration both versions. I don't know yet, if that's a bit too RAM intensive (for large projects like MDB2), but that will appear during testing. I'm currently working on that stuff...

Beside all those productive stuff, party was one of the main goals in the evenings, as usual. Since we discovered the Sauna this year in Frankfurt (which is pretty nice, although a pool is missing a little bit) it reminded me a little of Karlsruhe in June.

All in all I pretty much enjoyed the conference and I'm looking forward to the next one in Amsterdam in May 2005. Hopefully I'll be there again to have some sessions.

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