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Impressions from the International PHP Conference

2 days of the Conference have passed and it's time to post a little half-way review. Although I cannot attend the complete conference (yes, there are people who have to work and study), I'm again very impressed of being together with all those geeks you normaly just know from mails and chats.

On the first day (Sunday) I attended more or less completly, cause I gave a power workshop in cooperation with Lukas. Sadly, I missed the best, the after-conference part, at night. Yesterday (Monday) I wasn't able to attend the day sessions, because of university, but I stayed the evening/night. Seeing so many well-knowen friends and getting to know even more new friends is really cool. I guess, most new projects are created on such conferences and it's really an impressive possibility to dig deeper into other peoples projects and start using or even developing them.

Yesterday was the day of the speaker meal, which this time took place in the hotel itself. Last year we went to a restaurant in Mörfelden, which has also been very nice. Of course, this year was cool, too. The food was pretty delicious, the beer even more, and spending the time with so many geeks is really cool.

Sadly I forgot my camera on both days, but I hope not to forget it again today evening, when I will reach the conference again. Until now, I'm still at university and may not leave here until 15:30. Anyway, I'll be there again for the most important part of the day: The evening. :) Today is the famous social event of the conference. I'm pretty curious, what they planned this year (maybe samba girls again?).

In this sense: So far a successful conference. I'm pretty sure, that will last until Wendsday evening. Everyone who has taken photos, please send me a link to your gallery or even the package of photos, if you have non (especially from our workshop on Sunday). Thanks a lot! :)

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