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The hell on earth...

It's really horrible. I moved my home last weekend from Schwalbach to Darmstadt and calculated to be offline for about 1 or 2 days. Indeed, I've been more or less offline for 1 week now, because of some technical issues in my new home.

I'm sure, that most geeks out there can imagine what this means. Beside the lack of communication (I guess more than 50% of my daily communication ammount takes place in email and chat communication) it's in general a terrible feeling to be offline. No fresh news, no possibility to check a documentation quickly, no up2date debian packages, ... And I guess worst of all is, not being able to fulfill the tasks one has taken over. I promise, you will not recognize how important a net connection is for you, until you lost yours unexpectedly.

So, I finnaly fled to my parents home again for a week (my studies start on the 11th, so I have another week of free time left), where I only have an ISDN dialup connection. But that's ideed better than nothing...

Praying to be really back in action soon...

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