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Debian rulez (about Widescreen and RSS)

After my (not too ;) long vacation it felt great to run "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" on my notebook. And indeed, it's been worth it.


When I rebooted the maschine I wondered why my display showed up in real 1024x768 instead of interpolating to it's widescreen resolution of 12800x800, what it usually did before I upgraded. (To tell the background: I did not have enough time and leisure yet, to compile a new kernel + the NVidia drivers.) I rebooted again and checked the BIOS setting for the interpolation. It's been still active. So I tried (just for fun) to activate the modeline for my real resolution and it worked perfectly fine. :) Thanks Debian.


The second nice update was Thunderbird version 0.8 which has integrated RSS support. Usually I used Liferea (which is indeed a cool reader), but having everything in one place is much nicer. I bet that the RSS code internally comes from Liferea, since the dialogues look pretty the same. Nevertheless: Thanks Thunderbird, nice feature!

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