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PEPr enhancements

Saturday night I could not resist doing some code stuff. Although time is rare currently, I managed to work a little bit on PEPr and made the following changes were made:

  • Replaced the drop-down box, for filtering proposals by status, with the new nice looking tab navigation.

  • Cut down the number of finished proposals displayed on the overview page to 10.

  • Nicer sorting for the status filter pages.

  • Searching PEPr proposals (select "PEPr proposals" from the search dropdown).

  • RSS feeds for the 10 most recent proposals and the 10 most per status.

  • RSS search for PEPr proposals.

You can find the RSS feeds here:

Examples for RSS searches

The search (both, the HTML and RSS version) provides usage of the * and ? wirld cards. For the RSS search you need to urlencode() your search term.

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