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Back in action

Yeah, true, to begin with, I'm back from vacation and holidays. Although I've another month of spare time, I returned to Frankfurt yesterday. Surely I will take some more time at my parents home during the upcoming month for some more relaxing and meeting with all of my old friends. Nower days I have to take care on some issues here in Frankfurt, like moving to Darmstadt and maybe some freelancer job for my study time.

Anyway, since I'm back for a few days, I'll now find time to take a deeper look at my projects, the mailinglists (*shiver``*``, there are still about 1300 mails left) and other issues left over. A priority project will be to get my website reworked, finally.

So long, I will still not be as active as e.g. in June, but much more active as in the last 4 weeks. :)

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