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German jury ratifies GPL

As recently announcend in the reasons for a judgement from may the 19th this year, a German jury ratified the rights of the GPL (GNU Public License). In the specific instance the netfilter/iptables project sued Sitecom (a router producer) to us the software for their products, without keeping all aspects of the GPL. The result of this was the enforcement of an injunction which disallows the distribution of the routers under this circumstances in Germany.

The jury disagreed, that the GPL represents a complete set aside of copyrights and affirmed the GPL in general. The described reason for judgement is a huge world wide success for open source in general, stated the advocate of the iptables project, since it is the first judgement which officially approves the properties and enforceablity of the GPL.

In the meantime the router producer offers another new product using the implied software. The projects advocate has applied for a penalty of 10000,- € at the jury for the violation of the injunction.

More detailed information (German) can be found on the Heise newsticker. Currently there is no news source in English language known.

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