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When time lacks...

I'm still alive... at least half-way...

I guess some people know, that I'm going to abort my job at Deutsche Bank, soon, to start studying computer sience. I worked there for over 3 years now, which includes a 2 years apprenticeship and 1 year of sofware architecture tasks.

Some people call me crazy, others tell me it's the best way to go... Anyway, it produces much more stress I every thought it could, currently. Handing over all of my projects, trying to finalize as much work as possible and writing documentation on all the stuff I did in the past year produces a gigantic lack of time. I did not make to write a line of code since more than 2 weeks now, nor to read more than 5% of the mailinglist posts I wanted to read...

Hopefully this will change, soon again. I will end active work at Deutsche Bank (where I'm currently working on the eBranch project) at the 30th of July. After that I will take 2 weeks of urgently required holiday vacation. And finally I hope to have much more time for all of my planned open source activities from the 15th of August on... So, just don't be afraid out there, that I might neglect all of my tasks I took over in open source. It's just a temporary phase, that will definitly end soon. :)

In this place I should not forget to mention, that I will be available as a freelancer for web application projects (architecture, development and other tasks) and for educational jobs (like seminars) during my studies. So, if you have a job to assign starting earliest in September / Oktober, I woule be pleased to receive a mail from you! :)

Keep your chins up!

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