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Lukas stepping back

Lukas Smith (until today member of the PEAR group and the PEAR QA core team) has stepped back from all of his positions in PEAR, except being a normal developer.

The resonance about this is a common one (although his announcement is not long ago), to which I fully agree: Lukas, please rethink your decision. We don't know, why he took this step. Maybe it's because of a lack of time, maybe because of the current evolution of PEAR or some other foggy reason.

Anyway, my personal opinion is, that the PEAR group and the QA core team will miss a very important member. Lukas has always been a straight forward, highly engaged and fair person and a factor which brought balance into PEAR. I always trusted in Lukas and admired his opinion. Sadly I take this news with the silent hope for his return.

Thanks a lot for a long time of great work!

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