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It finally happened! PHP5 has recently been released.

See the announcement here, the changelog here and download the final versions of PHP 5.0.0 here.

The key features of the new major version are:

  • The Zend Engine II with a new object model and a huge bunch of new features.

  • The new SimpleXML extension for easy manipulation of XML as PHP objects.

  • Bundled SQLite support.

  • The new MySQL extension (MySQLi) for MySQL 4.1 and later.

  • A completly new XML support, utilizing libxml2 (see [here http://www.xmlsoft.org/]).

  • A brand new, built-in SOAP extension.

  • Greatly improved streams.

And a huge lot more!

P.S. The best: Development on PHP 5.1 can officially start now! ;)

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