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Linuxtag - Day 4

Sad but true, the last day of Linuxtag 2004 has arrived... Yesterday we've been with a few people to the Linuxtag social event. It took place in the local open-air bath, with a live band and free grill food. Pretty nice organized, especially that the Linuxtag wifi connection was available there.

Afterwards the usual pool party session with sauna and swimming started at the hotel. Looking back, I can tell you that the group of pool-partiers grew more and more from day to day. On the first evening we were about 5-6 people. Yesterday we had a maximum of 13 inside... ;) Seems like the geeks became sauna fans.

Today there are several talks again here at the LAMP area, but since it's a bit aside from the main stream of the conference, there are not too many attendees by now. :( Anyway, being here is extremly cool. These days with all the PHP, Apache and MySQL guys were really great and we all had so much fun around Karlsruhe... Definitly I will need to get some more sleep the coming night. ;)

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