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Linuxtag - Day 3

Yeah, it's the third day of Linuxtag and I recently had my talk on PEAR, which was a short introduction on our project, together with Stefan Neufeind. The talk went pretty well for my feeling, also we were finished 10 minutes to early in the timeslot, but that was quite feasible, because of a bunch of questions afterwards. A nice feature was to have so many PEAR/PECL developers available for the Q/A session the last 25 minutes. Pretty useful. Since I forgot to insert the SD card into my camera the photos of the talk are still not online, but they will be on sunday.

Yesterday there was the demonstration against software patents after Linuxtag ended. The FFII expected about 300-400 geeks for the demo and finally we were up to 1000. Pretty successful. A bunch of professional speakers told their opinion on the issue and clearified things. As a special eyecatcher we had 10 developers put into jail clothing adn everybody was stearing at them... We had a nice song for the demo: "Killing+ my software with patents...". I was one of the jailed:

A Slashdot news, i wrote, with the title "phpMyAdmin crew in jail" has rejected... :( Maybe I find someone from Slashdot here to get that in...

We had the LAMP Area party afterwards, which ment free drinking, sponsored by the companies present at LAMP area. At about 23:00 we arrived again at the hotel and as usual went to the sauna / pool area... and stayed there until 4:45... *yawn``*`` No matter, today is the Linuxtag social event, which is also a pool party... Not that we had 3 of them in the last days!

P.S.: Another cool photo (Gwen, one of our booth-bunnies):

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