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Linuxtag - Day 2

Back to the LAMP Area of the Linuxtag, where I'm hanging around at the PEAR exhibition booth (the flyers we got sponsored by the PHP Magazine are amazing! Thanks to Klaus for the neat layout!). Again, I have to stress, it's a highlight of the year, to be here. Never saw that much geeks in one place and so many open source projects in one area. I love it.

Yesterday, after the talk on "Software Patents" by Florian Müller (MySQL AB), which was very good and very long, we went home to Bad Herrenalb and had a really deliciouse meal at a local restaurant. Because football (yeah! Germany lost! ;) is not really my sport and because watching sports on TV is not my passion, me and a couple of people went to the hotel pool area and the hotel own sauna. It's quite nice, hanging around there, jumping to the pool from time to time, sweating in the sauna and having the beer delivered directly to the pool area. :)

As we wanted to join the other again in the hotel bar (around 01:00 a.m.) the barman stated he'll close the bar now. :( On his answers there is a pub left in Bad Herrenalb where we could go, we started a huge walk around the area and returned at about 02:30, without even having seen a human being anywhere on our way, nor having found some place that had some life in it... :(

Nevertheless, it was a pretty nice evening. :) Today (just to remind you) there's the demonstration against software patents in Europe! Everyone near to Karlsruhe, please join us, to do some publicity work on that topic! Cool actions and a great talk program has been organized and beside the (hopefully) good effect of waking people up on that issue, it'll be definitly fun.

I also uploaded some more photos, which you can see here. Just a short abstract of them:


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