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Skippy - or Expose for Gnome

MacOS (especially X) is a very cool operating system in matters of usability and style. I like it very much, except it's only deficiencies:

  • It's not free.

  • It's only available for Mac.

The latter one would not be that bad, but the first one is a critical point for me to use it. And beside that, a Mac is not very cheep to buy.

Nevertheless, MacOS has some very cool features and one of them is "Expose". It allows you through a special keyboard hook to get an overview on all open windows, when it resizes them all to little thumbnails and you can bring one of them to the forground again by clicking it.

This is (in my eyes) a very great feature and I wanted to have it for my Gnome, too. Luckily some more people like that feature and created Skippy. Skippy is a tiny tool, which is now started automatically with Gnome for me and I have the Expose effect by hitting F12.


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