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Crazy WiFi ideas...

While chatting with people I developed a realy crazy idea I guess.

Beware, the following is really just an idea! I neither know, if it's possible, nor if there is something similar in work, nor if people are interessted in it.

So, basically I was thinking about proting the open source idea to wireless LAN (wifi). Can you imagine a huge network of private access points, connected over germany and having free wireless access all over germany by that?

The idea itself is very easy. What you need is some kind of structure to build up such a network. Everyone would be free to join the project by adding his access point to. A common infrastructure is needed to connect access points between each other (either outside or inside the internet) to let them know each other and autheticate people who want to access them.

By adding your access point to the network you will be enabled to let a specific ammount of people (e.g. 5) use all other access points. This will avoid tons of people on the net without enough access points.

This effort / benefit solution is pretty easy. The network is not really "open", because you have to offer your own access point to it for getting access. Your benefit will be to (hopefully after a time) have access at multiple places (or maybe even all over germany and/or other countries).

I don't really know, if this is feasible/realizeable/usable or even senseful. I will think and talk about that some more in the future to get an idea how to try setting something like that up and maybe there is anyone out there interessted...

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