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Report from Asterdam (finally)

So, since I had no time yesterday to write some stuff on Amsterdam and the net connection there was too poor to upload some photos and stuff, I will give you a little overview now.

First of all some links: - The International PHP Conference 2004 Spring Edition - Photos by Christian Stocker - Photos by Derick Rethans - Photos by David Costa - Photos by me - Slides and the example app of the PEAR Powerworkshop

Additional photos will follow, I guess.

Stefan N. and me arrived on Sunday the 2nd of May in Amsterdam and met the other speakers at the late afternoon in the Novotel. Speakers were booked into different hotels this time, what made communication a bit more complicated.

First shock was that in the Holiday Inn (where Lukas, Pierre, Christian S., Stefan N. and me stayed) had no wireless internet connection at all and in the Novotel (where the rest stayed) the wifi was 30 Euro per day and only available in the lobby. But we all are not internet addicted (*ggg*). Nevertheless, the sunday evening was great since we got out all together to have a Pizza (Thai was planned but no restaurant had enough space). Afterwards we met Arnaud Limbourg and David Costa and went out for Amsterdam Central to have a beer.

Read about the rest of the Conf...

On Monday morning Lukas and me started our power workshop "PEAR - Not just a fleshy pome", where we gave people a deep introduction into PEAR history, internals, usage and development. During our example project, the MiniWiki, we introduced the packages Auth, HTML_QuickForm, MDB2, LiveUser, Text_Wiki and XML_Serializer. Luckily I have a copy of PEARWeb running on my laptop, since there was no net connection available the morning and when we established it at noon, we realized that it does not last into the session rooms. No matter, I believe the workshop went quite fine and people learned something from it.

On the evening the PEAR meeting took place. Lukas, David (Costa), Arnaud, Cipri, Betrand and me attended live at the Terena Office (Amsterdam) which was sponsored by Jeroen Houben. Beside us live attendees a huge bunch of people attendet on IRC. Several issues (by far not all) were discussed and a few decisions have been made. The community currently works on a summary of that meeting which will be available on the PEAR website and as usual linked on my blog. In connection to the meeting we went out for a few beer.

The next 2 days where usual conference with (more or less) interessting sessions. Very good were "Livedocs" by Gábor Hojtsy, PEAR::LiveUser by Lukas Smith and Run PHP on Parrot by Sterling Hughes and Thies Arntzen.

But beside these, the social aspect of the conference is a very important point. Meeting people you only know from IRC or mail is cool and discussing eye2eye is even cooler. There were many possibilities this time to do so. Especially nice were the nights (the speaker dinner and the beers in Amsterdam), but also the breks between conference sessions.

All in all it's been a cool event (as usual) and I'm pretty much looking forward to the Linuxtag in June and the Frankfurt Conference in November. Anyway, a 3rd one for the next half year would be cool, so, if you organize a conference anywhere around the world: Just tell me! ;)

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