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The flavor of freedom II ...

After having heard that there are no wifi crads available for rent at the International PHP Conference in Amsterdam, I decided to do what I ever wanted to do: I bought a card for WLAN. And as stood in front of the shelf in the store, I realized, that if I want to test the wireless freedom, I'd have to buy a WLAN router, too. And so it went...

Before going to buy a card, I searched the web for a Linux compatible product. The Netgear WG511 was the choice. As it has a Prism54 chipset, the driver is available as open source. Beside that, it fulfills the 802.11g standard, which allows comfortable 54MBit bandwidth.

After upgrading my laptop from Kernel 2.4 to 2.6 (which I wanted to have done all the time, too), I just inserted the card into it's PCMCIA (or now it's named PCCard, IIRC). Nothing really happened, but the HD started to run and the busy LED flashed. Calling "lspci" on the console showed me: The card was already knowen and active.

A little download of the firmware put into the firmware dir. "ifconfig eth1 up" and "iwconfig" to configure some options. And everything was done. Ok, beside setting up the router (which is cool, because it can be used as a normal access point, too) over it's web interface.

Pretty easy and pretty cool! :)

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