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Switched to IMAP

True, it's done.

I completly switched from local mail storage using POP3 deliverage to remote storage using IMAP4. I wanted to have that done for nearly 2 years now, but allways feared the effort. But during this 2 years I slowly got nearer and nearer to IMAP. First the switch from Win32 to Linux, then switching from Evolution to Thunderbird. And lately I just had to upload my mbox files to my server and the greatest effort was done.

After cleaning my mailbox (which was the greatest effort) I uploaded round 500 MB of mails. The cleaning was worth to purge about 50000 mails.

Now I can watch my whole mail storage from all over the world. I use uw-imapd (delivered by Debian) for the storage/fetching and procmail (with Postfix) for automatic sorting in folders.

Pretty nice! :)

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