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Back from CeBIT...

Yesterday I have been to the CeBIT, without any long planning before. But indeed I was a bit disappointed this year. Ok, the CeBIT has not been the techy thing it was in former times, but there were some interessting things to see. This time I saw/heard nothing I did not now before. :( Maybe it were some unlucky circumstances. It was "students day" - nothing against students, really! - but most of them did not know a bit of IT and just wanted to see "consumer electronics". The boothes of all well knowen hardware companies (Intel, AMD,...) had only raffles and no IT and most other booth owners were so unmotivated because they expected just "students"... Maybe it was because of the last CeBIT day over all...

Beside that I talked to some interessting people, like some from Sun Microsystems, IBM,, Heise and to Klaus Knopper. Nice to meet some geek people and to have some nice talking about further technology and marketing plans. Not to forget some information needed for my work, from Citrix and surrounded companies... Only thing I forgot was to ask Micro$oft, why the Windows sources I downloaded could not be compiled properly using the GCC! ;)

Nevertheless, I won't go again at the last day to CeBIT. Most companies started to abolish their boothes at 16:00 and there were only very few, very closed booth parties. :( Maybe I should stick to specialized fairs like the PHP Conference, Linux Tag or Linux World Expo...

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