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Enhancing firefox...

Mozilla Firefox (formally known as Firebird) is the coolest browser the Mozilla project ever produced. My compliment! But to get a fully customized browser you have to download and install (ok, that's just 1 step together) several extensions. And since I have multiple computers, where I more or less often have to install the desired Firefox, I allways needed to browse through the extension directory and find all the extensions I wanted to have...

To speed this up a bit and let maybe someone profit of the little collection of my favorite Firebird extensions, I note it down here:

AllInOneGestures A simple but pretty usefull mouse gesture system. Beware, mouse gestures are addictive! :)

GoogleBar The famouse Google toolbar ported to Mozilla (not complete but most of it's features, what I miss is the display of the site rating while browsing).

ImageZoomer Zoom in and out of images in a website.

Imagetag Copy a XHTML image tag from any website image.

JSLib The common JavaScript library for Mozilla (needed by other plugins).

LanguageMenu Select the "Language accept" header instantly from a menu.

ReloadEvery Define timespans to reload a specific tab.

UserAgentToolbarWidget Select or even define freely a user agent string provided to websites, JavaScript and Co.

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