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Advanced PHP Programming...

... is the title of Georg Schlossnagle's new book, which I recieved today from Amazon US. It's the first PHP book I ever bought and will be the first book I ever read about PHP. :) That's completly against my previous opinion, which was to learn everything by myself from the web and by trying out. But what I recently read in Georgs and Sebastians blogs made me too curious...

So, I directly took a first look at the table of contents and it looks marvellous to me. Georgs 650 pages opus is devided into 5 main parts which are named "Implementation and Development Methodologies", "Caching", "Distrubuted Applications", "Performance" and "Extensibility". The concise keyword index lasts from A like ab (ApacheBenchmark), Active Record Pattern and add_assoc_zval() over M like mandatory file locks, Meta Weblog API and Microsoft Passport (single sign on) to XYZ like Xdebug, XML-RPC and Zend Engine.

From what I saw until now, it can be a competent guide to up2date technologie for the advanced PHP developer. I will start reading immediatelly this evening...

Sounds interessting??

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