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Latest "PHP Magazin" arrived

I recently recieved the latest issue (3.04) of the german "PHP Magazin" from my subscribtion. This time there are a lot of interessting sounding articles in there, which I will hopefully be able to read this weekend, beside all the other literature I recieved.

I took a first short overview and read some of them right away...

  • "Ein Bild sagt deutlich mehr" is an introduction to the usage and methodic of PEAR::Image_Graph, the data graph rendering package in PEAR, by Stefan Neufeind, the author of it. Stefan gives an overview on common chart rendering classes and shows practical examples how to visualize data with Image_Graph. Btw. Image_Graph uses Image_Text for it's text output. :)

  • A critical view onto the PEAR group, from it's creation last year in August up to several decision made so far is given by Kai Schröder in "Neue Birnen braucht das Land". He brings along some very good arguments and enhancements for the current PEAR group structure and PEAR in general in my eyes, which should be discussed in the public.

  • Alexander Merz tries to clearify some rumous about PEAR this time in "PEARcing" and gives a general back view on PEAR so far. He mentions some good points on the PEAR philosophie, but his tries to clearify issues about "rude tones on pear-dev" and the ominouse "PEAR 2", what he calls it, sound a little bit rediculouse in my eyes. Everyone is free to speak what he thinks and his words sound a bit rude to me in respect to what Christian Wenz wrote in the last issue. Let everyone his opinion. Even in my eyes PEAR2 would be the better alternative and a rude tone is never advisable. Nevertheless, he clearifies. :)

Those are only some of the interessting articles you will find in your copy. Beside this there are quite interessting topics like payment systems with PHP and the memento pattern, as well as a huge bunch of compressed PHP news.

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