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Blogging day

As Microsoft recently introduced the patch day, I seem to have silently introduced the blog day... :) My personal blogday is the friday, which is the first day, this week (or maybe about a bit longer), I really have time to write a bit of the stuff down I experienced the last days... Here are some small misc blurbs, which do not last to make a complete entry of them.

OpenBC is a so called "business network", which means, you set up some kind of business related profile of your self and your whole bunch of contact data to the system (they promise confidentiality for that, several times, I hope that's true). You can define which contact data is visible to other persons in a filigrane way (general options and per-person options). Then you search for your business collegues and friends and aks them to accept the connection to you. This builds up a kind of tree structure between the contact. Now you can eg. take a look at your friends contacts and build up new ones for you on interessting topics. :) I guess that is especially usefull for job opportunities. ;)

Orkut is the exactly the same as OpenBC, but for private contacts, mainly. :)

Last week I came to talk with a collegue about "Modern Operatingsystems" by "Andrew S. Tanenbaum". He told me that he got that from his study time at home and lend it to me today. :) Cool, new night lecture, after I finished the actual volume of Harry Potter in the german version. Those books are really quite cool. I hope "Modern Opertingsystems" is not too dry in respect to it! ;)

Davey Shafik brought up a cool little class to verify for which PHP version a class is compatible. A cool thing, if you have a usage for it. ;-P But I guess there is a pretty cool one: It should be used inside pearweb to verify dependencies and stuff during release uplaod!

Influenced by this I now will start playing around a bit with the PHP tokenizer functions. Let's see, what they are good for... :)

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