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The flavor of freedom...

My bluetooth adapter (it was about 20,- € at eBay) finally arrived and I got my Nokia 6600 connected. And, holy shit, it's amazing! Using some cool programs for my phone rocks and having my private and work data synchronized everytime I come near one of the computers rocks even more. To give you a short impression, what I have working I put some pictures into my gallery.

Take a look at the cool menu of the 6600. It definitly rocks to structure your phone menu as you like it to be best:


As I wrote some time ago, I downloaded several Symbian applications to extend the functionality of the phone. It's more like a PDA now... :) Or even better... There are 3 really bloody cool apps I have installed and will give you a short impression here:

First there is the Agile Instant Messenger. It can handle ICQ, AOL, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo instant messaging services. As I used ICQ from scratch that fit's my needs. Take a look at my ICQ list on the Nokia 6600:

Hence an instant messaging service needs pretty few amount bandwith, the usage of ICQ on the phone is quite cheap, I guess. The Agile product has an included "traffic-o-meter", which told me to have used 20k over 1 hour. I love it . :)

Another pretty nasty thing is so called MiniGPS by Psiloc. This tool does not exactly do what you expect of the name. Since mobile phones have no GPS module integrated by default this application uses a simple work around to enable location based settings of your phone. It uses the GSM cell you are currently in. It's pretty easy to set up profile changes based on the current location. So I saved the 3 cells I can catch when I'm at work and the phone switches into "quite mode" everytime I'm there and switches back to "loud mode" when I leave. See some cell info from MiniGPS below:

The really coolest application I found (as I said earlier here) is a port of the famouse Windoze SSH client Putty. Administrating your maschines at any time and any place is quite practical. A pictures says more than a thousand words, so take a look:


Not convinced yet? Ok, take this:

An application everyone of us waited for is Opera on Symbian systems. And that's what the Nokia 6600 has preinstalled. The Opera browser shows XHTML compliant websites and enables you to browse the "real" web instead of dumb WAP or I-Mode stuff. I took a look at my own website and fetched the screens for you. Since the site is optimized for 1024x768 pixel resolutions, I wondered, how well formed it looked on the phone. Ok, there are some inconstitancies, if you tell Opera to make the site fit your screen (see shots), but you have the possibillity to let it render it as usual and scroll to left and right, too.


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