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Oops, I did it again

Damn, bloody shit. I did it again. I bought a toy, a geek-phone, an anything-but-no-more-a-cellphone. Right, it's the new Nokia 6600. And indeed, I love it! :)

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After some really nasty experiences concerning color displays, so called internet connections (I-Mode, WAP), polyphone ringtones and handy cameras I'm finally really amazed about it's features. Maybe I'm really crazy about that technical stuff...

So, what I really love on the phone is it's 176 x 208 pixel, 16bit color display. This enables you to surf around the *real* web (instead of dumb I-Mode or WAP) using an Opera web browser. First time, that surfing on a cellphone is really practical. The keyboard of the 6600 is pretty small, but just so small, that you can still use it comfortably. Very emproved text editing facilities (cut/copy & paste, line scrolling) make writing of SMS, emails, notes and even blog entries as easy as cooking coffee.

Especially cool is the abillity to run Java and native Symbian application on the phone. Beside the (not very interessting) standard applications provided with the phone, you can download a huge variaty from the web. It's a bummer, that most of them aren't OpenSource licensed. You can do (hopefully, I did not test that, yet, in cause of a missing Blootooth port) pretty neat things with your cellphone, if you have skilled programmers and so it looks like for the 6600. Here just an abstract, what cool tools I found.

First of all, here you can find a nice link collection to start up browsing.

Agile offers a really cool looking instant messenger, supporting ICQ, AOL, Yahoo! and MSN connections. Since GPRS is billed by traffic amount, that's a pretty usefull service. And the best: It's free! Agile promotes it's Symbian Software not as OpenSource, but anyway, it's free.

Agile although offers some other Symbian applications. But I guess, that a "Lie Detector" for phone calls, and a "Mobile Pet" game are really useless.

Another couple of cool tools can be found on Symbianware. I will defenitly try the blacklist (no more advertisements...) and the FullscreenCaller (showing caller photos in fullsize... just a cool play item).

A really nice tool is miniGPS by Psiloc. This enables you to trigger events on basis of the mobile cell you are in. You can e.g. trigger the profile to activate at work or at home. In combination with Psyloc Extended Profiles, you can optimize almost everything on a time and location basis.

The absolutly best thing I found for the Nokia 6600 is a port of the famous Windoze SSH client Putty.

All in all, I think I like that phone. If all those applications work well, I will defenitly say: It's optimal.

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