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And still more testing for PEPr...

That's what I like in OpenSource. You plan to release a product before december and the real release comes (hopefully ;) ) in january, without anyone reducing your income.

Anyway, I fixed some issues on PEPr% and implemented the features requested on pear-dev:

  • Stijn de Reede fixed the bugs in HTML_BBCodeParser and added my filter to enable font sizing and stuff. I will send him a filter to enable [php][/php] tags for code highlighting and stuff. So, BBCode support in PEPr% is back again.

  • You can now send your feedback on proposals to the mailinglist pear-dev instantly from the website, if you are logged in. Comments, sent in this way, are saved into the DB and can be reviewed on the website.

  • The CRON job should be fixed. This is not yet tested in production.

I'm currently planning to release PEPr% officially on coming Sunday the 25th, what I now have to check with PEAR Group. Open proposals should now go into call for votes phase, if possible, to check implemented changes.

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