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Phatan steps foward

Phatan is going a step forward. I restructured the UML diagram for the game again and found a (IMHO) good start structure, which is flexible to be extended to the "Sailsman-Edition" and the "City and Knights Extension" or with different frontends.

I'm currently trying to commit this stuff into sf-net CVS, but I got several problems with the CVS GUI's I tested. Only 1 of them (LinCVS) can handle remote authentication through SSH and this one is collapsing everytime I try to import something. I'll try out some other GUI client and if those do not work, I'll start doing my stuff from the commandline... :( All I want to have is a client like WinCVS which is working on Linux properly (what the Linux variant of WinCVS does not meet).

For all of you which are interessted in Phatan, I propose to subscribe the mailinglist I setup for the development. Since there are only 1,5 people involved with Phatan development now (me and a half Johannes Schlueter...) there should be not so much traffic right now. You can find them here:

Phatan Mailinglist Info Phatan Mailinglist Archive

Those links are available on my Phatan project info page, too.

If you liked this blog post or learned something, please consider using flattr to contribute back: .



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