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Back to Frankfurt

Back to Frankfurt I started development immediatelly after arrival again. It's better working in my knowen environment. Last days were so full of party and meeting all of my friends at home, that I had ver few time to do what I promised to do on PEPr, Phatan, Net_FTP and the Image_* Packages I provide... A lot of work for the new year. (btw. I did not post any "Happy new year" wisches here... so I do now: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!)

I started to fix the issues discussed on pear-dev in PEPr. This is to add the conditionality comments of votes to their corresponding action email and a commentationj field for the proposal phase.

I think about some more comfortabillity for the emailing thing. Maybe I implement some actionMail class for pearweb in general, that works with the PEAR::Log package and allows to customize message ids and for that set of In-Reply-To headers. This'd allow a more comfortable view of the mails generated by PEPr in email clients and list archives.

But first... Star Trek Voyager... ;)

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